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Visit our showroom and watch as expert cutters and polishers work their arts on each rough diamond, releasing the exquisite gemstone hidden within.

There is a glittering display of diamond jewellery, in settings that range from the contemporary to the nostalgic. Choose your own diamond from a selection of loose stones, and watch as it is expertly set in a design that is uniquely you. Ask to see the glamorous Cullinan Star Cut® – the 66-facet diamond with a star at its heart – only available from Cullinan Diamonds.

Sales Executives at Cullinan Diamonds will guide you through the finer details of the four Cs as you make your purchase, assisting you in an investment that will last for generations.

The Cullinan Star Cut®

The true brilliance of diamonds can only be captured through the amount of light that is able to penetrate the precision cut facets. To your eye, the light that is absorbed by the angle, pattern and proportion of the facets allows the stone to reflect a fiery, radiant sparkle. Cut and clarity are crucial to the fire of a diamond, which is why the Cullinan Star Cut® is so unique.

The 66 facets, eight more than the standard 58 facet gem diamond, ensures that each stone radiates a passion so bright and clear that it resembles heaven's stars, at the heart of the jewel. All Cullinan Star Cut® gem diamonds are coupled with an international certification of their quality, veracity and value.

Certificate of Provenance

The Cullinan Certificate of Provenance is our official certification to you that serves as proof that your diamond has been mined at Cullinan Diamond Mine. The Unique reference number of your diamond is to ensure that your gem is securely registered on our database.

The Cullinan Certificate of Provenance provides you with a date of the period in which your diamond was discovered, with its rough weight long before it was shaped and polished into brilliance.

The certificate includes your diamond's weight in carats after its final finishes, its splendid colour and its clarity, which tells the internal story of your precious stone. The GIA report number is additional assurance that your diamond has been graded according to the highest standards.

With the Cullinan Certificate of Provenance you have the promise of quality, value and authenticity. While your diamond may hold a story of mystery and magic, what you can be certain of is the fact that it was mined from the home of the most excellent stones ever unearthed.

The 4 C's

These 4C's guarantee diamond quality and are crucial factors when you are considering buying any diamond.

The Cut

This refers to the angle and proportion of the stone. Imagine the facets are tiny mirrors bouncing light from angle to angle, beaming from the top and catching your eye. Cut too shallow, a diamond will lose its lustre. The Cut also includes the shape of the diamond. A Round Brilliant Cut is considered the most brilliant cut of them all as it absorbs and reflects the most light.

The Carat Weight

Diamonds are measured and weighed in carats with 1 carat representing .2 grams. The carat weight was traditionally measured against the carab seed, which were almost always the same size and weight allowing diamond traders to accurately evaluate their stock. As larger diamonds are rare, a 1 carat diamond will fetch a higher purchase price than two 0.5 carat diamonds provided all other characteristics are the same.

The Colour

The colour of a diamond is graded from D to Z. The more colourless a stone, the more valuable it is. D, E and F represent truly colourless stones with the highest quality – making them considerably rare. Gradings from K to M have a slight hint of colour and as you go down the scale you'll notice subtle colour changes in hue and tone. While the colourless stones are rare and valuable, coloured diamonds are even more exceptional. Called Fancy Diamonds, these stones are the rarest and hence the most valuable.

The Clarity

When diamonds are extracted, tiny traces of natural elements are sometimes caught inside, called inclusions. When polishing the diamond, the aim is always to reduce the number of flaws or impurities in the stone. The clarity inclusions fall into a number of categories:

  • IF – Internally flawless
  • LC – Loupe clean meaning that there are no flaws in the surface or internally
  • VVS 1 & 2 – Very, very small inclusion one and two has minute inclusions that are absolutely invisible to the naked eye and only through careful inspection with a microscope are revealed.
  • VS 1 & 2 – Very small inclusion one and two may show tiny inclusions that are difficult to locate and are only visible to a trained eye looking through a 10x loupe.
  • S 1 & 2 – Small inclusions one and two are flaws that are easily identified through a 10x loupe.
  • I1 & P1 – Lightly spotted are diamonds with inclusions that may or may not be visible to the naked eye.
  • I2 & P2 – Spotted (no definition provided)
  • I3 & P3 – Very spotted (no definition provided)


Cullinan Diamond Mine, originally owned by and named after the town's most famous resident, Sir Thomas Cullinan, has given the world some of the most remarkable stones ever discovered and remains the world's main source for rare blue diamonds.

experience CULLINAN

Cullinan is a breathtaking 45-minute drive from South Africa’s capital, Pretoria. Visit our showroom and watch as expert cutters and polishers work their arts on each rough diamond, releasing the exquisite gemstone hidden within.


When deciding to buy diamonds there are four C's to consider: The Cut, Clarity, Carat weight and Colour. We've added a 5th C which is the Conscientious Diamond, a promise that when you are buying diamonds they are certified and conflict-free.

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